Washington State Wine Our Story

Yakima Valley Tourism It’s the 300 days of sun that shines on the birthplace of Washington State's wine industry. It’s the aroma of freshly picked hops, drifting on the afternoon breeze. It’s the sense of wholesomeness you get from hand picking the vegetables your family will eat that night. This is what makes the Yakima Valley so special. #yakimavalley

Lindblad Expeditions - National Geographic

Guests aboard the National Geographic Sea Bird taste different varietals of wine and learn about the wine making process at the Cascade Cliffs Winery in Washington. Video by Dexter Sear.

Our silly team on Chianti, wait, I mean Sangiovese

All things Sangiovese, including a barrel tasting, geography lesson, and more! Shout out to Dennis and Becky.

Drone action over the vineyards

Come explore the geography of the Columbia River Valley and Cascade Cliffs Winery in Klickitat County, Wishram, WA.